statement - Cherilyn Martin

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Cherilyn Martin
For many years urban landscape, classical architecture and ancient ruins have been an inexhaustible source of inspiration. A fascination with the juxtaposition of buildings and ruins in landscape, the superimposition of form, has led to the type of monumental layering found in many of my pieces.
Layering is fundamental to my work. Using this basic concept, materials are layered and panels constructed which are, in turn, layered to give depth of composition.
Exploiting the tactility of the various media I use, to interpret surfaces ravaged by time and the elements, is at the foundation of my working process. Developing surfaces in which concepts of time, experience and emotion are embodied.
Underlying themes in my work deal with bereavement, loss and commemoration. "It's the stones that speak", their weathered surfaces bearing intriguing marks left by man, that offer a wealth of inspiration for my own mark-making in fabric, paper, paint and stitch.

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