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past exhibitions

a selection of major shows:
2009 "Uit de Aarde", Woerden Museum, Holland.
2008/9 "Unearthing", Wesserling Textile Museum, France. "Quilt - Kunst met een Q", Fries Museum, Leeuwarden, Holland.
2007 "Unearthing", Villa Saroli, Lugano Switzerland. 3 pers. show. "Overblijfselen - Relics", Fort Rammekens, Zeeland, Holland.
2006/7 "Ziet-Stucke", Irsee, D. travelling D. A. F. Ch. European Art Quilts 4, Lyon, France, travelling NL, DK. U.S.A.
2006 "Explorations 2", Ohio Craft Museum, Ohio, U.S.A. "Beyond the Surface", Piece Hall Art Gallery, Halifax, U.K. 3 pers. show Contemporary Art Quilts 2006, Uffington, U.K. travelling.
2005 Biennale d'Arte Tessile, St. Gallen Textilmuseum, Zwitserland. Mini Textiles Biennale, Filophilo, Como, Italy "Sumptuous Surfaces", Lugano, Zwitzerland
2004/5 European Art Quilts 3, Rijswijk, Holland, travelling.
2004 4th Biennale d'Arte Tessile, Trame d’Autore, Chieri, Italy. "Surfaces", Irsee, Germany, travelling.
2003/4 "Explorations 1", Wesserling Textile Museum, France, travelling U.S.A.
2003 "Pushing the Surface", Johnson Humerickhouse Museum, Ohio, U.S.A. "Sporen", Gallery Hulp u Zelven, Winterswijk, Holland. 3 person show. Small Works, Gallery B, Ohio, U.S.A.
2002 "Graven Images", gallery Quilt und Textilkunst, Munchen, D. solo
2000 2nd Biennale a’Arte Tessile, Trame d'Autore, Chieri, Italy.
1998/9 European Art Quilts 1, Tilburg, Holland, travelling.
1998 Mini Textile Art, Szombathely, Hungary.
1997 2nd Biennale d’Arte Tessile, Trame d'Autore, Chieri, Italy. Mini Textiles Biennale, Como, Italy.
1997 & 2000 Gallery Smend, Cologne, Germany. 2 pers. show.
1995 & ’97 Art of the Stitch, England.
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